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AAT R&D Tax Incentive Case: H2O Exchange and the Eligibility of Registered R&D Activities

A recent R&D Tax Incentive AAT Case (H2O Exchange and Innovation and Science Australia) focussed on the eligibility of R&D activities of a company developing a water rights trading platform. 

In our view, key take-aways so far are:

  • the importance of retaining sufficient evidence to substantiate the activity content and eligibility even when the individuals who conducted the R&D may no longer be available; 
  • that the registered activities cannot be changed (even as part of the review process) after 10-months after the relevant year of income has lapsed;  and
  • the need to articulate and substantiate the R&D hypotheses and activities in terms of technical or scientific uncertainty resolution thereof.

This case has gone to appeal.

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