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31 Mar, 2019

The Grant Rant: Truth Behind Grants

What's the truth behind grants? Why are they there? Can I really get one? These are the questions we hear all the time from small business owners when they start investigating grants. So let's debunk some common myths and get to the bottom of things.

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22 Mar, 2019

Contractors versus employees: Why the difference matters

There’s a new wave called the “gig economy,” and it’s been on an exponential rise in the past decade. This trend is categorised by the large build-up of contractual workers in many companies, mostly those being in the tech industry. Getting contractors to perform work for companies has proven to be a great win-win scenario for job-seekers and job-providers alike.

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07 Dec, 2018

Tax deductions you can claim when you work from home

In today’s modern work culture, working from home is becoming more and more common. The advent of technology has allowed for practically anyone to take their work tasks and perform them from the comfort of their own living rooms. But like any emerging trend, there are gray areas that need to be clarified to avoid trouble.

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07 Nov, 2018

Owned Your Business for 15 years? Profits on Sale Could be Tax Free

Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” But the truth is that taxes are not as imminent as one may think. Government laws do provide exemptions and breaks for cases where it may be needed. One such area that these exemptions may apply is the Capital Gains Tax.

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29 Oct, 2018

Ignite Alliance Invited to be a Member of Hunter First

The Hunter Business Awards was once but an ambition for us as an organisation. This year, it became a reality. Looking back to the Business gala awards night still excites me and it probably will for the few months (or even years!) to come.

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19 Oct, 2018

University Advisory Group Ignited by New Talent

We may be a little biased, but we think IGNITE Alliance is home to some truly extraordinary people and we love seeing them do great stuff in the community. The latest of these achievements comes from our Martech Manager, Jamie Sy, who has just been accepted on the University of Newcastle's (UoN) External Advisory Group (EAG) of the Discipline of Computing and Information Technology (try saying that 5 times fast).

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27 Sep, 2018

Top 10 Tax Claims Myths Busted by the Australian Tax Office

Myths are everywhere. They’re in culture, folklore, homes, offices, and even in our taxes. The Australian tax system is constantly evolving with amendments and updates. And while many changes are for the good, it can get confusing at times causing myths and wrong notions to come about.

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12 Sep, 2018

ATO'S New Passive Income Test, Drought Assistance and Car Sharing Arrangements

There is a long line up of changes awaiting Australian businesses and taxpayers in this season at the Australian Tax Office has announced some major changes to tax laws and policies. Some of these include tax cuts, an announcement of assistance from the government and changes to rules on sharing economy practices.

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20 Aug, 2018

Driving Business Innovation With R&D

Research and development has an image problem. For a lot of people, when a conversation turns to R&D, we tend to think of people in lab coats and safety glasses, pouring blue liquid in beakers into test tubes full of bubbling pink stuff. But when you think of R&D, you should be thinking about money. Here's why.

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16 Aug, 2018

Marketing is No Longer A Monologue - It’s A Dialogue

Gone are the days that Marketing was a one-way conversation. For decades, getting a message out was mostly through channels that didn’t allow for much interaction. Audiences’ interactions with TV ads, print, outdoor billboards, radio and newspapers were practically the same: companies telling them what they had to offer.

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