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The latest attacks on internet security have been caused by ransomware. Ransomware is software which does not allow you to use your PC and makes users pay a ransom to receive access to their files. This article will detail some basic facts about ransomware and how you can avoid being affected by ransomware.

Ransomware comes in several varieties. First, is lockscreen ransomware. Lockscreen ransomware locks your homescreen so you are unable to use your computer. All you can see on your screen is instructions on how to pay to get access to your computer again.

Next is encryption ransomware, which places passwords on certain files which you try to access and then gives a similar message about having to pay to access your files.

It’s also possible that ransomware attempts to display a message saying you have done something illegal and that you are being fined. These tricks are all an attempt to get you to pay hackers because you are inconvenienced. Hackers are counting on your impatience to steal your money.

Ransomware can effect you and your business

Ransomware can be activated via any number of basic actions on the internet so it is important to be cautious as you are trying to avoid having ransomware installed on your system.

These tips will help you try to avoid the problem in the first place:

  1. Do not click suspicious links and verify that attachments are sent from safe sources.
  2. Avoid suspicious e-mails from sources that are unknown or that have incorrect spellings of popular websites.
  3. Do not browse on unsafe sites and make sure your internet browsers are up-to-date with the latest security protocols.
  4. Software updates are extremely important, please do not skip out on these updates.
  5. Again, prevention is the easiest way to deal with ransomware.

Ransomware is really hard to remove once it is on your computer. IT professionals are going to be your best bet in terms of extreme removals. If you get a warning screen, there is one way you can bypass the warning and restore your session.

You have to hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete to get to the Task Manager and then restart your browser. When the window reopens hit start new session. Do not click “Restore Previous Session” as that will bring up the same warning screen.

Ransomware can take your hard earned money and give it to hackers who have manipulated your trust. Hitting ransomware can also set you up for future identity theft because your system has been exposed to hacking once you are hacked.

Identity theft can lower your credit score and make it harder for you to purchase key items like a house or a car. However, you can prevent and defeat Ransomware.

Ransomware counts on your impatience and irritation. You can defeat ransomware by knowing when to call professionals and doing what you can to prevent the ransomware from getting into your computer in the first place.


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Lisa Andrews

Written by Lisa Andrews

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