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22 Mar, 2019

Contractors versus employees: Why the difference matters

There’s a new wave called the “gig economy,” and it’s been on an exponential rise in the past decade. This trend is categorised by the large build-up of contractual workers in many companies, mostly those being in the tech industry. Getting contractors to perform work for companies has proven to be a great win-win scenario for job-seekers and job-providers alike.

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07 Dec, 2018

Tax deductions you can claim when you work from home

In today’s modern work culture, working from home is becoming more and more common. The advent of technology has allowed for practically anyone to take their work tasks and perform them from the comfort of their own living rooms. But like any emerging trend, there are gray areas that need to be clarified to avoid trouble.

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27 Sep, 2018

Top 10 Tax Claims Myths Busted by the Australian Tax Office

Myths are everywhere. They’re in culture, folklore, homes, offices, and even in our taxes. The Australian tax system is constantly evolving with amendments and updates. And while many changes are for the good, it can get confusing at times causing myths and wrong notions to come about.

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12 Sep, 2018

ATO'S New Passive Income Test, Drought Assistance and Car Sharing Arrangements

There is a long line up of changes awaiting Australian businesses and taxpayers in this season at the Australian Tax Office has announced some major changes to tax laws and policies. Some of these include tax cuts, an announcement of assistance from the government and changes to rules on sharing economy practices.

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27 Jun, 2018

2018 EOFY Essential Checklist

As the end of the 2018 financial year is almost upon us, we have made a detailed list below of measures that can be undertaken prior to the 30th June to minimise this year’s income tax payable and get yourself ready for the end of financial year.!

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14 Nov, 2017

XERO Accounting, The Best MYOB Upgrade There Is

Are you being forced to upgrade from MYOB’s AccountRight Classic v19? Make the ultimate upgrade to Xero accounting – and bid farewell to version updates and confirming a file, for good.

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17 May, 2017

Future Proof your Business

Businesses that are ticking along happily, showing minimal growth, are much easier to run than businesses facing significant growth. With a stable business, you just keep doing what you're doing. With a business doubling in size every year or two, you have to rebuild your processes constantly.

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15 May, 2017

Australian Federal Budget Announcements 2017

The Federal Government has announced its Budget for 2017-18, and Chartered Accountants ANZ believe this budget indicates that the government is in a state of readiness for an earlier than expected Federal Election.  

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23 Jan, 2017

Outsource Your Business Services

Operating a business requires wearing many hats and you only have so much time and resources. Your finance team are critical to your business, but you also need to focus on customer service, growth and keeping ahead of the curve.

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21 Dec, 2016

Potential to Capitalise on Nearshoring

Newcastle's location means the city can be the engine room for the nation’s three biggest cities and it makes sense due to its accessibility: a two-hour drive from Sydney, and about an hour flight from Melbourne and Brisbane.

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