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01 Aug, 2017

Using IBM Watson to Improve Facebook Ad Campaigns

Not often do we find digital marketing agencies embracing complex technologies such as machine learning and personality insight awareness to assist in generating new sales opportunities. Well, not until now anyway.

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01 Jun, 2017

The Facts About Ransomware and How It Affects You

The latest attacks on internet security have been caused by ransomware. Ransomware is software which does not allow you to use your PC and makes users pay a ransom to receive access to their files. This article will detail some basic facts about ransomware and how you can avoid being affected by ransomware.

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03 May, 2017

A Practical Guide To Dos and Donts of Cloud Computing

You've probably hread a bit about cloud computing, and you’ve just made up your mind to adopt it. Doing extensive research will arm you with a lot of knowledge about it, but you might get down to work and realize it is not enough. Here are dos and dont's of cloud computing.

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24 Oct, 2016

The Pre-Sales Cycle & How To Improve Your Sales Funnel

You may be in a state of frustration where you aren't tracking potential leads, there is no centralisation of tasks, and leads aren't receiving the necessary follow up. The good news is when you know more about the pre-sales cycle, you can start to make improvements.

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