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Gain an unfair advantage over the competition

Your expert IGNITE Finance Team Chief Financial Officer (CFO) will work with you to identify your goals and design a strategic implementation plan.Our process keeps you on track with the support of a customised reporting package so that information is always at your fingertips allowing you to make strategic decisions whilst controlling growth.

Control cash flow, improve your bottom line

Meet with us periodically to discuss your business' financial performance, and we will give you reliable revenue projections and expectations over relevant timeframes. Manage your cash flow, increase profits and reduce operational risk.

Identify opportunities for sustainable growth

Know where you’re at and where you're going. We can develop and implement strategic plans for future endeavours you wish to pursue, or prepare your company for major internal changes.

Improve business reporting, make informed decisions

Connect your databases from sources such as Xero, Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics and more. Collate all the information you require on easy to use dashboards and reports, all in one location. Stop using scattered spreadsheets and start making decisions based on current analysis.

23.5% average increase on business performance within the first year of hiring a part-time CFO 

CFO services designed to propel your business

It's hard simultaneously juggling all aspects of your business without letting a single ball drop. Whether you're a fresh-faced startup or a well-seasoned professional, the Ignite Finance Team will make sure that you and your business don't miss a step.

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Always know your business' financial position

Know exactly how your finances are performing at all times. Our CFOs take care of your business finances, manage your reports and monitor your dashboards.

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Work together on achieving KPI targets

 We can achieve more working as a team then we can can going it alone. That's the attitude we bring when working as your CFO, and why we succeed where others struggle.

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Deliver information at the right time

Share the right information with the right people and have it automatically delivered at a set time, or immediately after you create it. Never miss a reporting deadline again. 

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Customised for your industry sector

Our CFO packages can be tailored for what you need. Our flexible plans can supplement your current financial strategy, or completely manage your business' finances.

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Share your reports with the right people

Secure your reports with digital protections, and control who can access your databases.  We make sure your sensitive information is kept confidential, and away from prying eyes.

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Get started and propel your success

Our team of experts will help set up your reports, and give you the training you need in order to take full advantage of the business intelligence and analytics tools we offer.

Partnered with innovative reporting technology

We've partnered with some of the best companies around the world to be sure you have the best possible experience with IGNITE Finance. The IGNITE team have a deep understanding of our partner's products and can help you get set up, provide ongoing assistance, and support your business' growth.

Xero Gold Partner
Microsoft Power BI

Our recognised accreditations

The accreditations we hold allow us to remain on the forefront of professional development and sector innovation. We uphold the highest standards in both our business practices and service delivery to ensure integrity and quality of work across all our financial services.

Chartered Accountants, Australia
The Tax Institute Mark of Expertise
Regsitered with the Tax Practitioners Board

We've helped lots of businesses

Our people have years of experience assisting all sorts of clients in a wide variety of industries. Our real world experience doesn’t just come from running a hot advisory or accounting firm. We’ve held positions in some of the world’s most recognised corporations and we’ve got the proverbial t-shirt to back our success. We're more than a virtual CFO, we're your allies. 


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Download our CFO services package options

With the IGNITE Finance Team, we ensure you get in depth analysis of your financial situation. We sit down and discuss the reports with you and explain the story they’re telling about your business performance.  We then plan with you how to implement changes to achieve even better results!

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