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You could be building a new product, process, software, technology or even a service which could make your business eligible for over 40% of your expenses refundable. You may also be promoting your product overseas, incurred travel costs or general marketing spend around the world entitling you to the export market development grant.


Australian businesses awarded with R&D and EMDG grants annually.


The average grant return to Australian businesses for EMDG exceeds $40,000.


Get up to 43.5% tax offset credit on your R&D spend for each financial year.

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Our people have years of experience assisting all sorts of clients in a wide variety of industries. Our real world experience doesn’t just come from running a hot advisory or accounting firm. We’ve held positions in some of the world’s most recognised corporations and we’ve got the proverbial t-shirt to back our success. We do more than Australian Government grants, we offer an alliance.

The problem

A new company whose founders had developed a concept of a rescue drone. Work had begun on the communication/signal side and integration into mobile devices. The idea was to have to ability to hail a camera carrying dring drone to your location in an emergency situation while also calling emergency services or security. The initial target market was University campuses. It had definite market potential but no way of investing to get it as development needed to be finalised and much had been spent on development costs so far.

What we did

Introduced the company to the R&D tax incentive as the company were still in the right development phase.

The outcome

They were reimbursed for some of their development costs and have the confidence to finalise development and to search for overseas markets.

Rescue Drone R&D

Rescue Drone

The problem

The concept was building a multifunctional digital image that had interactive online content. Building the interface then the backend with multiple untried integrations with going to take a lot of development, but had huge potential especially with Real Estate photography.

What we did

With this type of software being a new approach to digital images, the development was going to be expensive and directors only had limited funds. The R&D tax incentive was utilised to reimburse some of the development cost and the next stage to proceed.

The outcome

With the extra funding, stage one could be completed. With the next stage, they then had a beta version they could demonstrate proof of concept.

Multimedia Digital Imaging R&D

Multimedia Digital Imaging

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