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We aspire to help business owners achieve their full potential. We are just one element of a ‘whole business solution’ specialising in full-service business functions. With a range of complimentary services already in place, this forms a collaborative, cross-functional process that will continue to evolve and provide leading advice and strategy for our clients. That means we work with you to develop business strategies that fuel success and then implement the plans for you. 


Case Study: Export Beverages

The Problem

Hard working tea company. Wanting to expand and grow but had no identified avenue and no cash resources.

What We Did

Gained export market development grants (EMDG) and showed their innovative process, which was worthy of an R&D Tax Incentive which gained them valuable cash resources.

The Outcome

The client is now building up their export market and have the confidence to develop their new line of ice teas.

Case Study: Rescue Drone

The problem

A new company's founders had developed a concept of a rescue drone. The idea was to have to ability to hail a camera carrying drone to your location in an emergency situation while also calling emergency services or security. The concept had definite market potential but no funding to finish the development process.

What we did

Introduced the company to the R&D tax incentive as the company were still in the right development phase.

The outcome

They were reimbursed for some of their development costs and have the confidence to finalise development  and to search for overseas markets.

Case Study: Food & Beverage

The Problem

Brand new business, spent $80k on the set up, very quickly won a lot of Awards. Unsure of what to do in business and if they are making money. Is both Bricks & Mortar store and Online Store.

What We Did

We implemented Xero, Receiptbank, Vend for POS and Shopify for e-commerce. Calculated and defined the breakeven point per day and per week so the client knows how they are going at any point in me through the Vend POS dashboard.

The Outcome

We have now consulted on how to increase sales and are taking the client through a brand refresh, plus implementing action of a marketing strategy and execution. Content marketing including video branding and paid ads.

Case Study: SAAS Provider

The Problem

Startup SAAS company with a great tech idea, addressing many issues and pain points in the HR and Recruitment sectors, but has minimal capital and no support.

What We Did

We provided a full ‘wraparound’ service including marketing, technology, processes and gaining a capitol injection from an R&D Tax Incentive submission.

The Outcome

The client successfully moved through MVP, proof of concept to market ready launch this year. Ongoing strategies are being implemented to penetrate the market and further tools are being developed to assist in the client onboarding process and education on operation.


Case Study: Property Development

The Problem

Growing way too quickly and can’t keep up. Think they are making $1m per month but not sure. Property lots have been sold twice. Spending a combined 100 hours per week compiling reports that are always out of date in excel.

What We Did

Implemented a full business intelligence plan. The client used Zoho, we mapped out all processes, automated processes and task management, cleaned up their database and implemented Tableau. Reps can now see in real-time what lots are available for sale when in client meetings.

The Outcome

80% complete, next step is rolling out the Balanced Score-cards to all staff at a conference on the 14th December. We will also pick up their bookkeeping in the new year.

Do any of these cases sound like your business? We can help.