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Ignite Alliance is proud to announce our Xero partnership level has now reached gold status. Becoming a certified Xero gold partner reflects the dedication and efforts of the Ignite Finance Team (a division of Ignite Alliance), the clients we represent and the industries we serve.

“we have been working closely with Xero and our customers to ensure true value is recognised through our financial services. Partnering with Xero has allowed our organisation to grow with a leading accounting platform that complements our organisations strategy. Reaching gold partner status is a reflection of continued growth.” Lisa Andrews, CFO

Xero gold partner status allows registered partners to utilise the full suite of Xero functionality that is designed to manage complex workflows, accounting practices and provide added value to customers. Organisations that reach the strict conditions of the gold partner status has displayed proven growth, client management and dedication to ongoing success.


“We are working closely with Xero to further expand our financial practice, we now have the opportunity to co-develop content with Xero and work with new and existing clients. Expect to see a lot more of Ignite Alliance in this financial space because we are now aiming for platinum partner level.” - Wayne Banks, CEO.

The Ignite Finance Team provides financial services to over 21+ industries ranging from startups, SME and enterprise organisations. To increase client satisfaction, we also use a range of Xero certified apps to create a seamless user experience and increase productivity. Our services are delivered Australia-wide with our team located in Sydney and Newcastle, NSW.


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Lisa Andrews

Written by Lisa Andrews

Lisa has 15 years experience specialising in C+ roles in tax , business services, software, engineering and online marketing. Her firm and long-standing belief is that she can help any business achieve their goals. Lisa founded IGNITE Alliance to share her knowledge and experience with her clients, and propel them forward using the power of accounting, technology and online marketing so they can love coming to work. Beneath the smiling exterior is a savvy business strategist, with a string of successful businesses grown, system implementations, business modelling and procedures that help you “make money while you sleep.”

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