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Quite often people go into business to have more time and freedom and end up having a very demanding job. By taking action with IGNITE Alliance we can help you identify ways to maximise the value you get from your business and do it easily. We aspire to help business owners achieve their full potential. We are a ‘One Stop Shop’ specialising in full-service business functions. That means we work with you to develop business strategies that fuel success and then implement the plans for you. Choose to go to work and choose to live the life you really want.

We are your allies.


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Think of us as your outsourced c-suite & implementation team.

You could guess from our name - IGNITE Alliance is a close-knit group of services. We offer everything from Business Planning, to Finance, Business Grants (Innovation), Marketing and Technology. It’s a 360 degree business solution, and the dream team around you. The group is a powerful mix of potent business tools and processes to help your business kick it up a gear.

So if there is a business problem, we'll sort it out.

Our 'Why?'


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Inspire Passion

We are here to 
make a difference.

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We commit to accuracy
and integrity.

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We make it easy
to understand.

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Delight Clients

We always go above
and beyond.

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Work Hard, Play Hard

We love what we do
then do what we love!

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We get it done.



Having the support of IGNITE Alliance means we have a team of talented professionals on our side to help us stay on track, on target and ensure our business obligations are being met. They help us fulfil our mission by focussing on ‘working on the business’ while we focus on ‘working in the business.’ They are a truly reliable and honest team with a friendly approach and are always willing to help. If you need some support with the numbers side of your business, or have considered outsourcing this entire department, then IGNITE Alliance are the team you want on your side.
Madeline Erkkila - IGNITE Alliance Testimonial

Madeline Westbrook General Manager | The Dr Libby Team

IGNITE Alliance has helped us in the development and running of a sole trading business, and its evolution into a successful million dollar company with many staff. If you need a great accountant and business consultant together with someone that knows how to make tax work for you, then we recommend you speak with Lisa and the IGNITE Alliance team.


Sam Cawthorn CEO & Founder | Speakers Institute

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We understand that you've probably got lots to do right now so we've created a handy information booklet so you can take it 'offline' and read at leisure. Inside you'll find information about us, our people, processes, partners & clients.

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